When you read about people who swim with dolphins, it is easy to get duped about two myths:

a) Everyone Gets A Physcological Benefit: No! Not everyone who swims with dolphins feels anything special about the experience, by a big margin...

b) Everyone Actually Enjoys Doing it: No!  Not everyone really should try it in the first place. Maybe they wanted to impress their friends, it was a gift and they feel to reject the opportunity would be rude, or simplly not offend a friend or partner. But, they have no empathy with the creatures, and would probably prefer not to even be touched by a dolphin. That's nothing to be ashamed of...

Getting into the water to swim with dolphins isn’t for everyone. In fact, there are many people for whom we recommend that they do not try it. It is easy to get carried away with the hype. There is a lot of publicity about how great it is, to swim with dolphins, and for that matter that goes for swimming with other marine mammals such as whales, and even sharks.

If you have had negative thoughts about swimming with dolphins, be advised you definitely have a difficult road ahead. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Most people who choose to communicate with a thoughtful ocean creature end up not ultimately following through. There is nothing wrong with that. Every person should make their own decision, and not be intimidated by others if they decide against doing it.

You're Not That Unusual if You Decide that You Don't Want to Swim with Dolphins!

swim with dolphinsIf you have read other articles on this website, and remain unsure about the idea. You should probably take this day to double-check whether you have the dedication, or gumption it takes to do it. Do you really have an animal loving spirit? Think deeply. A true animal loving spirit goes a long way beyond having an “Aaaw” moment when you see a picture of a kitten on Facebook! It is a love for animals for the independent living creatures that they are, with all their faults, frailties and failings, and also when they become unwell. That is a vital part of the equation that every person who wants to swim with dolphins needs, otherwise communicating with an intelligent marine mammal could become ridiculously difficult, if not unattainable.

If you were asked: "Are you a confident swimmer who can use at least a snorkel, and preferably scuba diving gear, and are willing to swim in the open sea, or a natural demarcated area?", you must be thinking that can swim that well. You would not have made it this far if you answered "no". The actual truth is that many individuals say that they want to swim with dolphins, but not many of those people ultimately go on to do it.

That's great if you are the sort of individual that takes the plunge. It is feasible that people who attempted to swim with dolphins and then the experience fell short of their expectations probably did not properly prepare themselves for it. If you have not done so already, see our article about preparing for swimming with dolphins here. By reviewing the initial questions to establish if you would be an appropriate person to swim with dolphins, you are now knowledgeable about what is recommended to succeed.

For as long as swimming with dolphins has been around, the people who had done so effectively had one thing in common. They all appreciated explicitly what was involved, and had been qualified to face it head on. What specific things could we learn from that? When you are ready to swim with dolphins, when you prepare, you'd be ready to conquer this challenge, and nothing could stop you!

Swimming with dolphins has a physical aspect to it. Any activity that you prepare beforehand will end with a better outcome. You'll find the strength of your inner personality that will guide you to achieve your ambitions.

Concluding this Article - So You Don't Want to Swim with a Dolphin?

Don't reflect on watching a captive dolphin show. Swimming with dolphins necessitates one to be animal lover and strong-willed. We understand this. Now we are able to review the qualifying points required for swimming with dolphins so you can appreciate better how to enjoy your future success.


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Just be aware that for one. Booking a trip on a wild (or captive) or a natural demarcated area dolphin swimming experience, is required before anything can happen. That first step will have to be taken. Every time your mind says that swimming with dolphins is unattainable, just recognize that your inner-self may be right. It is perfectly O.K. to stop there, if you wish especially if you are worried about dolphin welfare. Don’t keep thinking badly about yourself for not going any further. Life is full of choices and you just made on, and move on to something else.

Perhaps just settle for direct contact with dolphins by taking part in a dolphinarium program that allows customers to have the experience of being coaches.

But, if you do decide to swim with dolphins, or any other wild creature and actually book a trip on a wild (or captive) dolphin swimming experience, most people do successfully move past that point of negativity. They keep their thoughts on the victory, and the outcome is a good one for them.