We have discovered that may people are continuing to arrive at our website looking for the original Bill Evans "Talks" page. We know how frustrating it is to follow a link and find it is broken. That's why we have duplicated this page from the web archive of the original website, which was closed down sometime in late 2011, or early 2012.

We don't have the original files, but for your information, the original  2011 page content (as still available on the Web Archive www.webarchive.org) was as follows:


"Based on 50 years of experience studying and working with whales, dolpins, seals and sea lions, I have a perspective on the research and issues somewhat unique. I have been with the Navy program, Oceanaria (Sea World), Private Research Foundation , NOAA and Marine Fisheries and Academia.

Below are document files of talks that I have given.

Frustrations of a Federal Environmental Policy Advisor/ August 2004 (.pdf)

The World Vs. Evans Score Sheet (.pdf)

Birth of Environmental Policy (power point)"

Please note that this website has no connection with Bill Evans. We just happen to have bought the same domain name.